Colby School District Issues Update to Mask Mandate

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OnFocus – The Colby School District will be lifting its mask requirements for the rest of the school year after administration met with the senior class to determine the fate of the mandate.

The revision to the school’s mask policy will go into effect on May 7.

In the elementary school, which includes grades 4k-5, parental waivers for mask use. The middle and high school which includes grades 6-12 masks will be recommended but not required.

Masks are still required while students ride the bus to and from school and during athletic or extracurricular activities as required by federal law.

According to the release, students will still be required to wear masks in certain rooms where there are documented health concerns. Parents and/or guardians will be notified in this instance.

The discussion began when two juniors at the school got 124 signatures on a petition to end the mandate. Superintendent Dr. Steven Kolden met with the students and members of other classes to discuss the mandate.

It was decided that the seniors should decide whether the mandate was lifted or not because they had the most to lose over the final month-or-so of the school year.

Colby seniors are slated to graduate on May 28 and the spring sports seasons including softball, baseball and track & field are scheduled to run into June.

The senior class had a meeting with Kolden and ultimately they collectively decided to make changes to the mask policy.

The mask mandate was stuck down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court back in March.

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