Colby Hornets Football Season Preview

Colby Hornets Football Season Preview

Coaching staff

Head Coach: Jim Hagen

Assistant Coaches: Robbie Smazal, Logan Rosemeyer, Jimmy Flink, Jon Kleinschmidt, Henry Sanchez

Colby Hornets Football Schedule

Offense:  key returning players:

Caden Healy – senior running back.  played integral part on last years state championship team.  Last year rushed for 696 yards and 14 touchdowns along with 305 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns.  Caden is fast and explosive and can change the game in a hurry whether on offense or special teams.

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Mateo Lopez – senior running back who will certainly see more carries this season and is an excellent blocker.

Tevin Rue – senior running back who will see more carries this season and is very elusive when running with the football.

Tucker Meyer – senior starting quarterback who will not be asked to run the ball as much as last season’s quarterback but he will be asked to throw the ball more and Tucker has good accuracy and will be able to stretch the defense.

Kaden Wiese – senior TE who has good hands and instincts and also has potential to be a good blocker.

Nathaniel Robida – senior wide receiver with outstanding speed and has the potential to make some big plays.

Offensive lineman who will anchor the line as seniors are Grant Oelrich at center, Oscar Zamora at guard and Logan Stuttgen at tackle.

Defense: key returning players 

Oscar Zamora, Grant Oelrich, Levi Dommer and Logan Stuttgen – senior defensive lineman that has potential to be very good run stoppers.
Caden Healy, Isaac Raatz, Kaden Wiese and Tevin Rue – senior linebackers who possess a lot of speed and are all very instinctual.  Have potential to be very good at their positions.
Mateo Lopez, Tucker Meyer, Nathaniel Robida – senior defensive backs that bring a bunch of speed and will be asked to play a lot of man to man coverage.  Mateo will be one to watch with his instincts and has a knack for being around the football and loves to also come up and stuff the run.
Gavin Voss – sophomore defensive end who is so quick off the ball and will create a lot of problems in the offensive backfield.

Conference outlook:  The Marawood Conference overall will have a lot of balance and I don’t necessarily see a front runner.  Edgar has great tradition and will have a good running back returning in the Butt kid who is a load to tackle.   Auburndale has their quarterback back along with a few other good players Abbotsford always puts together a competitive team year in and year out.  I believe our team (Colby) brings back a lot of speed and some really good skilled players.  Offensive and defensive lines will be the big question mark going into the season.

Keys to your success on offense:  In order for Colby to be successful, we will need to be able to control the line of scrimmage, be a run first team which will then set up the pass game.  We have running backs with good speed and vision and we just need to give them a little bit of running room.  We will also need to be able to give our quarterback time to throw the football as we have a quarterback in Tucker Meyer who can throw the ball well and we have good skilled players with speed who can make things happen after the catch.  Again, overall success will depend on our front line who is a little bit inexperienced but they are getting better each day at practice.

Keys to your success on defense: Much like our offense, a big determining factor on the success of our defense will rely on our defensive line.  We need to be able to control the line of scrimmage, not get pushed around and hold our ground and with more time, I believe they have the capability to be pretty good.  We have a good group of linebackers and defensive backs and they are going to be relied upon to make a lot of tackles and defend receivers in our man-to-man defense.

Behind the scenes: Who are some of the people that help your program succeed? Certainly in order for any program to be successful, you have to have some really good and knowledgeable assistant coaches which we certainly have at Colby.  Furthermore, you need individuals that film games, do the offensive and defensive stats, along with water boys on the sideline.  Without the help of a lot of people, it makes things a lot more difficult.  In addition, we at Colby have a lot of parent support and get very few complaints.

 What is your football program all about? How do you measure success?

This is a tough question because success can be so different from school to school.  At Colby, our program is about putting the team first, being unselfish and displaying good sportsmanship on the field, along with trying to win football games.  We try to instill in our players the importance of giving back to the community also by helping wherever we can in the community.  Success is measured by how we behave in and out of school and trying to compete every week during the season at a high level.  We expect most years to compete for a conference title along with a goal every season to make the play-offs, which we have 15 seasons in a row.

Coach’s comments: anything else you’d like to share? I would just like to add that it has been my privilege and honor to be a football coach at Colby for the past 32 years, whether as an assistant or head coach.  The community through the years has been so supportive of not only football but all of our sports and co-curricular activities.

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