Colby Chrysler Center: New Vehicle Features Make Wisconsin Winter Tolerable

(OnFocus) When the temperature drops, especially in cold Wisconsin winters, it can be hard to think about buying a new vehicle.

Fortunately, improvements to many makes and models in recent years has made the search worthwhile and helped make Wisconsin winters more tolerable.

According to Bill Hanson, manager at Colby Chrysler Center, choosing a new vehicle this time of year can be rewarding, thanks to new features available in many of the vehicles.

“Most of us have experienced heated seats and remote start by now, but heated steering wheels are also starting to become more common,” he said. “There are also many safety features available that everyone should consider.”

Safety features include ABS (antilock braking systems), windshield wiper defrosters, heated mirrors, and of course: All Wheel Drive (AWD).

“AWD and ABS are too of the biggest features that help winter drivers. ABS is a standard feature in all cars manufactured after 2012, and helps keep you from skidding by preventing your wheels from locking up,” explained Hanson. “AWD is also helpful because it supplies power to all four wheels to provide better control when driving.”

Traction Control Systems (TCS) in newer models also prevents wheels from spinning and improves acceleration. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is also available in many newer vehicle models, and detects when wheels are spinning faster than others and is able to redirect power to those wheel that need traction.

Hanson said that no matter what vehicle a person chooses, having one that is safe and reliable is important.

“Having all of these features is great, but mostly you want a vehicle that is safe and dependable,” he said. “We’d be honored to help you find the perfect vehicle for you and your family this winter.”

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