Coffee Cabin Owners Reflect on Business

Matt and Carrie Demmerly. Submitted photo.

Coffee Cabin to Change Ownership

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) Matt and Carrie Demmerly have been in the local coffee scene for 17 years, first opening up the Coffee Cabin on May 19, 2003.

The drive-through business located by Shopko Plaza will be under new ownership starting in June.

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“There is a time and season for everything and we feel like this is the right time to hand things over to someone with some fresh ideas,” said Carrie. “While the idea of retiring is attractive, we will pursuing other opportunities.”

The couple got the idea for the Coffee Cabin after seeing how successful drive-through businesses were while they lived in Montana. Since opening in Marshfield the Coffee Cabin has stayed mostly the same, except for some additions to the menu.

Coffee Cabin Espresso/FB

For them, connecting with community members through coffee has been a favorite part of the business.

“We are both coffee lovers and have very much loved making all of the beverages and introducing new coffee beverages to people who may be apprehensive of trying espresso-based drinks,” Carrie said. “We have enjoyed getting know all of the wonderful people in and around Marshfield, and even some out-of-town and out-of-state people that frequent the Coffee Cabin while they are in town.”

While they won’t be around on a regular basis, the couple still plans to help out as needed and to say hello to their customers who have supported them over the years.

New owner Kirsten Tertin, or KT for short, has long been in the coffee industry and will be taking over the reins at the Coffee Cabin starting June 4. Born and raised in Marshfield, Tertin and her husband have three daughters who attend Grant Elementary.

“Coffee has always been the birthplace of connection. Matt and Carrie have given that to the community for the last 17 years. They are an outstanding family who everyone meets and loves,” said Tertin. “We do have big shoes to fill and will be excited to rise to that challenge.”

The Coffee Cabin will continue serving the same beverages while adding cold brew, refreshers, and bakery items. Also new will be a loyalty program, online ordering, and delivery. Most staff are staying on to keep customers’ favorite beverages consistent.

Kirstin Tertin and family. Submitted photo.

“That is why it was so important for me to get in and learn some of those regulars and their beverages, and the vendor connections, so that we can keep Coffee Cabin the same as everyone loves,” Tertin said.

She also plans to give back through the business. “My heart is rooted in animal rescue and we have been dog fosters for over eight years. You will see that reflected in some of our items, and those sales will go straight to rescues in our state,” she said. “We will be looking to partner with our schools, and with local businesses and non-profits. More information will come as we gain our footing after the sale.”

Those who are interested can email Tertin for more information at [email protected]

“All of this is to continue that legacy of connecting with our local community and changing the world, one cup of coffee at a time,” she said.

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