Closed Discussion of 2020 Fair Removed from CWSF Board Agenda

The Central Wisconsin State Fair Board removed a closed session item from their agenda for their meeting at 7:00 PM after an investigation by OnFocus.

The CWSF Board listed an item for Closed Session with the description “Discussion on the 2020 CWSF”. Wisconsin State Statute 19.85 lists specific discussion items that can be handled in closed session, the three most common being consulting with legal counsel, discussions about negotiations, and collective bargaining negotiations.

OnFocus brought this to the attention of City Clerk Deborah Hall and County Clerk Trent Minor. This afternoon, the CWSF Board posted a new agenda without the Closed Session item.

The meeting is scheduled for 7:00 PM in the Junior Fair Building; a public comment period is available for people to speak to the Board.

Update 8:53 PM: The item was related to a personnel matter and not the Central Wisconsin State Fair itself. The mater was resolved prior to the meeting, the post has been updated to reference these changes.

This is a developing story.

Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek