Clintonville vs Manitowoc & Watertown vs St. Anthony Catholic: Most Unique Mascot Challenge

7 Clintonville Truckers

Clintonville is home to the US Seagrave Fire Apparatus Plant which makes fire trucks, so obviously, the mascot for Clintonville High School would be a fire truck and the players Truckers.

10 Manitowoc Lincoln Ships

Manitowoc is another city with a strong maritime history, specifically in shipbuilding, so it would be fitting for the high school to be the Ships.

7 Watertown Goslings

Watertown had a thriving business raising geese and the Watertown Stuffed Goose was a delicacy on gourmet restaurant menus across the east coast.  The high school wanted to preserve the legacy of this industry and took the Gosling mascot. The earliest reference to students from Watertown being known as Goslings is believed to dates back to 1885.

10 St. Anthony Catholic Roman Legion

According to the school website, the Roman Legion mascot is derived from the late roman empire when the Roman Legions were seen as protectors of early Christianity along with the overwhelming force the Roman Legions showed through most of the empire’s reign.

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Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek