Clean Sweep Program Promotes Safe Disposal of Hazardous Waste

A grant program for the safe disposal of hazardous waste aims to keep chemicals away from drinking water, lakes, and rivers.

Clean Sweep safely and legally takes care of wastes from homes, farms and businesses and provides reimbursement to communities that dispose of pesticides, prescription drugs, and household wastes. This includes counties, sewerage districts, and regional planning commissions.

A Wood County Agricultural and Household Clean Sweep will take place on September 29 at the Marshfield Fairgrounds from 8-12 p.m. Disposal is free of charge but quantities are restricted. Households can bring up to a combination of 5 gallons of liquid or 50 pounds of solid waste, or contact the UW-Extension Office to make special arrangements for volumes in excess of that amount. Agricultural pre-registration for quantities over 200 lbs is required.

Clean Sweep accepts the following examples: automotive brake fluid, degreasers, ether, old fuel, transmission fluid, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides, household drain cleaner, dry cleaning fluid, floor polish, metal cleaners, mildew cleaner, moth balls, nail polish remover, NiCad batteries, oven cleaner, photography chemicals, pool chemicals, silver polish, spot remover, workshop creosote, gun cleaning fluid, hobby materials, lacquer, lead-based paints, stripper, thinner/solvents, turpentine, varnish, and wood preservatives.

Materials such as latex paint, car batteries, electronics, tires, motor oil, antifreeze, appliances, explosives, fluorescent, and antifreeze are not accepted. Dispose of dry latex paint in garbage and recycle antifreeze and motor oil.

When transporting materials, place them so they won’t shift or spill and avoid placing in the passenger seat.

Exchange mercury thermometers for mercury-free digital thermometers while supplies last. Place in a plastic bag. There is a limit of one per household.

Businesses and schools can also use Clean Sweep for a low cost. Receive a free estimate at no obligation by contacting Chris Bahlow at Veolia by September 22 at [email protected], or call 715-298-2623.

For more info, contact Wood County UW-Extension Office at 715.421.8440 or Wood County Health Department at 715.421.8911 or (715) 387-8646​.

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