Clark County to post seasonal weight limits March 8

Submitted to OnFocus – The Clark County Highway Department has announced that pursuant to State Statute 349.16 Clark County Highways will be posted for seasonal weight limits as of March 8th, 2021. Restrictions become effective upon placement of signs. 

The weight restrictions are 6 tons gross load per axle and 10 tons gross load for any two axles under 8 feet apart. 

All vehicles not meeting the seasonal weight posting are required to have a permit. There are no “exempt” products, materials, nor industries. Permits are located on the department website located at and may be submitted by email. 

Please watch for postings. These restrictions will remain in effect for the duration of the spring thaw, until posting are removed. 

This restriction notice is pertaining to County Trunk Highways. Any weight restrictions on State, City, Village or Township roads are handled by each respective entity. 

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Author: News Desk