Clark County Sheriff’s Office Checks Welfare of Horse Chained for Years

Clark County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant Friday at 5:38 p.m at a residence on STH 73, south of Greenwood, in the township of Eaton, to check the welfare of a horse alleged to have been chained outside in the elements for nine years.

The search warrant indicated they were to examine the horse to ensure its health and that it has shelter. It was examined by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine that provides services to equine patients and found to be healthy with adequate food, according to a press release. The owner provides water to the horse and a wind break.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office Humane Deputy and veterinarian both agreed that the horse was healthy and is being provided the minimum standard of shelter needed per state statutes.

The decision is a frustrating roadblock for the thousands concerned by the horse’s welfare. An online petition started a few years ago to support the horse has gathered over 207,000 signatures. The petition indicates that the horse is tethered by a short chain year-round, restricting its movements and exposing the horse to the elements. Offers to purchase the horse or build it a shelter have been declined by the owner. The founder of the petition has declined comment at this time.

The horse was the subject of a previous search warrant in 2017 which determined it was healthy.





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