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Street Superintendent Provides Update on Street Projects in Marshfield

Marshfield (OnFocus) – Street Superintendent Kris Hawley gave an update on the current status of various street projects in the City of Marshfield at Monday night’s Board of Public Works meeting.

Asphalt Mill-in-Place projects that are completed include Northern Hills (Upham to Wood) and Wood (Upham to McMillan).

Fairview (Schmidt to Cul-de-sac west), 4th (Larch to Mulberry), Mulberry (4th to the cul-de-sac north), 13th (Adams to Locust), and Locust (13th to14th) have pulverizing, ditching and tiling completed, as well as the asphalt binder completed.

Ditching and tiling are completed on Schmidt (14th to17th) and on 25th (Butternut to Fillmore), with milling asphalt scheduled for August 17.

Butternut (Tremmel to 17th) is expected to be finished by Wednesday, with milling asphalt scheduled for August 17.

With the water main project completed, ditching and tiling will begin this week on 26th Street (Felker to Washington), with asphalt scheduled for August 17.

Hume (from Blodgett to Fillmore) and Apple and Cleveland (Doege to Palmetto) are yet to be scheduled.

“The goal is to be completely done and topsoiled by the end of September,” said Hawley, who also provided an update on the Ives project from last year, noting that grass is growing.

Upper Pond Zoo Road is also now completed, with patching crews now working to fill in call-in potholes last week.

“Hopefully by getting full staff, we’ll have better maintenance on pothole patching,” said Hawley.

The 14th Street overlay project is also completed, with that crew now working on West McMillan.

“I want to give a shoutout to quite a few people about the West McMillan project, starting with the engineers that designed the detour,” said Hawley. He also thanked Wood County for the loan of their advanced warning signs and the crew for working with residents on that stretch of road to provide a plan for moving in and out of their driveways.

“They did a really fantastic job,” he said, also crediting the Marshfield Police Department for their work. “I’ll give a shoutout to Rick (Gramza, Chief), Pat (Zeps, Assistant Chief), and crew. We closed the road down early Monday morning and by the time we got it closed down, the police had educated the public that it’s closed to through traffic. They did a fantastic job helping us out.”

Hawley noted that by closing the road, work can be completed more quickly and safely.

“It can get dangerous if you’re trying to go through the work zone. I understand it’s an inconvenience, but by doing it this way and detouring, we probably saved several weeks of construction on that,” he said.

McMillan is expected to be done at the end of August.

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