City of Marshfield Street Division Assists Residents Before Snow Event

Sand Available at Crossing Guard Intersections

On the verge of yet another inclement weather forecast, maintaining safe sidewalks and pedestrian ramps can be a very stressful situation. The City of Marshfield Street Division is assisting City residents by making available a sand/salt mixture. The sand/salt mixture is available at designated locations around schools that are known to be occupied by a crossing guard.

Sand/Salt locations include:

  • Walnut & Upham
  • 8th & Peach
  • St. Joseph’s & Upham
  • 17th & Felker
  • 5th & Columbus
  • 17th & Palmetto
  • 7th & Chestnut
  • Peach & Becker
  • 14th & Schmidt
  • Peach & Doege
  • 11th & Adams
  • Oak & Upham

The Street Division asks that you remember that the crossing guard, students, and other citizens also depend upon the sand/salt. For this reason, we suggest limiting to one coffee can for a normal sidewalk frontage.

The sand/salt mixture will not and should not eliminate the need for a homeowner to shovel/scrape, but will simply allow time and traction until the snow and ice can be removed adequately.

The Division’s immediate focus during a snow event is the safety of the public traveling on the streets. The salt/sand mixture locations are checked and resupplied as time allows.

For more information, please contact Marshfield Street Division at 715.486.2081.

-Submitted to FOCUS by Marshfield Street Division

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