City Council Approves New Planned Development on Veterans

The City of Marshfield Common Council approved a new planned development on North Veterans Parkway at Tuesday’s Common Council meeting. This development is on Shortess Dr. North of McMillan Ave. The new development agreement will include 12 new lots to add to the 8 existing homes that have already been built on the site.

The purpose of a Planned Development is to provide for the possible relaxation of certain development standards pertaining to the underlying standard zoning district (such as setbacks or lot size requirements) or other requirements. In exchange for such flexibility, planned developments shall provide a much higher level of site design, architectural control, and other aspects of aesthetic and functional excellence than normally required for other developments.

A major change from previous development agreements for this property is the turnover of the streets and other infrastructure to the City of Marshfield. Prior agreements were for a gated community and the responsibility for snow removal and maintenance of the street, stormwater, and sanitary sewer would fall to the developer. With this new agreement, the City takes over control of these infrastructure items in the development.

Josh Miller, Director of Development Services, explained the developers’ building plans, stating, “The current plan is to see the construction of two structures in 2018, three or four in 2019, and the remainder in 2020.”

There are some details yet to work out, including inspections of the existing utilities and infrastructure that had been under the responsibility of the developer.

“We did sign a development agreement with the developer to ensure that the utilities are at least inspected and if there are issues we can identify them and bring them up to some kind of standard before taking them over,” said Miller. “Some of those inspections have not happened due to the weather. We anticipated doing that prior to this meeting. Before the plat and this resolution can be recorded those inspections will have to take place.”

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