City Council and Committee Meetings Remain at ‘Old City Hall’

Official City Council and Committee Meetings will continue to be held in the “old City Hall” at 630 S Central Ave until further notice due to ongoing issues preparing the new City Hall Council Chambers for recording and broadcast.

City Administrator Steve Barg wrote in a memo to Council and media: “Due to ongoing issues with getting set up to have MCTV coverage in the new City Hall Council chambers, Council and committee meetings will continue to be held in the Council chambers of the old City Hall until further notice. I’ll let you know when this changes, giving you as much advanced notice as I can.”

This notice came four days after the originally anticipated final meeting at old City Hall, the October 29 Special Common Council Budget Meeting. The City’s next meeting, Board of Public Works, is tonight – Monday, November 4.

MCTV’s current coordinator, TriMedia (which also owns and manages OnFocus) offered to record the meetings in the new City Hall at 207 W Sixth Street with offsite equipment used to cover School Board and Police & Fire Commission meetings. However, City staff stated they would prefer to wait until the new facility is completely ready. Training on the new audio/video equipment has not been completed. Additionally, Charter Communications has not been set up in the new facility, something that will require additional funds.