City Confirms DCI as the Outside Investigating Agency

DCI Completes Investigation

Marshfield (OnFocus) – On July 22nd, City Administrator, Steve Barg, issued a statement involving a more than decade old allegation of criminal misconduct involving Police Chief Rick Gramza.

The statement indicated that an outside agency initiated the criminal investigation. The city stated that they learned from the agency that after the investigation the allegation was unfounded and revealed no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Chief Gramza.

Steve Barg confirmed that the outside agency was the State Department of Criminal Investigation, DCI. At this time the investigation is complete, however the city has not been informed that a report has been finalized. In a previous statement, Barg said, “In the spirit of openness and fairness to Chief Gramza, the City will request the criminal investigating reports when the reports are completed.”

Mr. Barg confirmed that Chief Gramza has been restored to full time duty and that an additional statement will not be made.

At this time OnFocus, has no additional information to report due to the fact that the investigating reports have not been released.

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