City Adopts New Policy for Damaged Mailboxes

The Board of Public Works approved a new policy relating to mailboxes damaged by snow plows.

The policy states that citizens will have 48 hours to report damage to their mailbox to the street department. Only mailboxes hit by the plow will be repaired or replaced, not mailboxes hit by flying snow.

The first step in the process is the street department will try to repair the mailbox. In situations where the mailbox is dented or slightly damaged, an employee will fix the small damage and remount the mailbox. If the mailbox is damaged beyond repair, two options are available to residents: They can have the street department replace their damaged mailbox with a basic black mailbox, or a resident can replace the mailbox on their own and the city will reimburse up to $50.00 of the cost after the damaged mailbox and receipts are turned in to the street department.

The policy was approved on a 4-1 vote of the Board of Public Works, with Alderman Tom Witzel voting no, was adopted as part of the Consent Agenda by the Common Council. It will take effect this coming winter.

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