Citizens Encouraged to Report City of Marshfield Intersection Concerns

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Near-Misses Not Recorded in Database Unless Reported

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – On August 28 just before 3:00pm, a driver headed south on Maple Avenue entered the 4th Street intersection without stopping, striking a vehicle heading east on 4th Street. Occupants of both vehicles were fine, though the vehicles sustained debilitating damage.

This intersection is just one of many in the City of Marshfield, but in a casual poll conducted by OnFocus staff, it was one that came up frequently as an area of concern.

The state database of traffic crashes reveals that in a five-year span at 4th Street and Maple Avenue, the following accidents were formally documented (Current as of June 2020. City Engineering did not have time to research further.):

  • 6/16/2020 SB vs EB
  • 4/21/2020 SB vs EB
  • 2/10/2019 NB vs EB
  • 11/13/2016 NB vs WB
  • 1/3/2020 NB vs WB
  • 8/28/2021 (just occurred, not in state database yet)

City Engineer Tom Turchi said that he did not find a pattern nor did the crash frequency require any formal change to traffic control, but near-misses are not documented and there is no way to obtain records of those.

Accident on June 16, 2020 at 4th & Maple

“The most difficult part when citizens refer to near misses is that we have no way of obtaining records for near misses and it’s subject to the opinion of each driver,” he said. “Per national standards, warrants are not met for a 4-way stop control [at Maple and 4th].”

Other intersections that citizens highlighted were 7th/Oak, E Edison/Cedar, and Chestnut/Blodgett.

Feedback from citizens is crucial when evaluating intersection safety. Anyone that observes a safety hazard or has a concern is encouraged to contact City Engineering via 715-486-2034, or via email here.

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