Christmas in July: Rotary Winter Wonderland Presents Checks to Food Pantries

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$250,000 Given to Food Pantries Over Project Lifespan

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) It’s Christmas in July for area food pantries. Thursday morning, Rotary Winter Wonderland presented checks from the proceeds of its 13th season.

Two $15,000 checks were presented to Soup or Socks and St. Vincent de Paul Outreach, plus $5,000 for the Marshfield Area United Way Nutrition on Weekends program. The total payout was $40,000 to 28 area pantries.

“By giving them the check in July, it’ll help them keep the pantry stocked and help people through the long summer months when sometimes the pantries struggle to keep the shelves full,” said Danielle Nystrom, project chair. “Hopefully this supplements them until the food drives start at the schools and also when we start again in November.”

“Donations in the summer typically decrease, both actual food donations and monetary donations. The need, however, does not decrease,” said Cheryl Lewis Hartl, Soup or Socks Director. “This donation from Marshfield Rotary Winter Wonderland allows us to purchase more things that are very important but we have not been able to give on some days when we were very busy.”

Since there are no large food drives planned for fall, the donation will help the pantry through the next few months. The most needed donations are currently jelly, canned and boxed potatoes, saltines, and oatmeal. Groups interested in promoting Hunger Action Month in September are welcome to contact Soup or Socks.

Rotary Winter Wonderland’s 13th season was the most successful in its history, breaking the record for the most cash and food donations than any previous year, raising $78,000. The amount allowed the project to pay extra expenses this year while maintaining the amount of the its annual donations

“We don’t profit from anything,” Nystrom said. “We just make our ends meet and put the rest back into the community.”

In addition to sponsorships, cash donations help to run the project and complete updates. Over the lifespan of the project, $250,000 has been donated to local food pantries.

“Soup or Socks is so pleased and proud to be a recipient of the donations from this project,” said Lewis Hartl. “It is hard to imagine what we did before it began and we look forward to working with Winter Wonderland for years to come.”

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