Chili Implement Assists UW-Extensions Agriculture Education

Chili Implement Donates Tractors to UW-Extensions

Agricultural is Wisconsin’s primary industry, and UW-Extensions is vital in the progress of technology and innovation in farming. Chili Implement works with the UW to provide agriculture equipment for UW farms, supplying the program with two tractors at the Agricultural Research Station and changing them out after they have 250 hours of work completed.

“We do this in hopes to not only expose our brands but also provide tools to educate the community as well as unlock key agricultural data that may help steer the future of farming,” said Josh Witt, General Manager.

“We are very grateful for their help in this way as it helps us meet the needs of the station without purchasing a group of tractors,” said Scott Fischer, Ag Supervisor at UW Marshfield Ag Research Station.

“It really is a win-win for all parties involved as CNH gives the dealer a discount on the tractor ran through the school program and the dealer can pass the savings onto the buyer of a slightly used tractor with all the bugs worked out, and a new warranty,” added Fischer. “It also saves all of us as taxpayers as we do not have to buy as many tractors for the Research Station.”

Partnerships like that between Chili Implement and UW-Extensions are integral to the success of the program and instrumental in making sure the important industry is sustainable.

“Education is key in every aspect of life but even more important in agriculture,” said Witt. “Research farms have been a staple in the ever evolving ag market and drive the vast changes we have seen over the years.”

With farms responsible for feeding the population,

“Everyone likes to eat! In order to continue our strong farming culture in Central Wisconsin, we need to make sure we are on the cutting edge of modern practices, while also testing the limits, to see how we can do it better,” said Witt. “This equates to better quality consumer products at a reasonable price.”

“We enjoy working with Chili Implement as they are our local dealer and have a vested interest in our success,” said Fischer. “They have also been very good to deal with on other equipment purchases we have made in the past.”

Fischer encourages customers to support local businesses, as they then pass on that support to the community.

“I think it is important for us to work with our smaller local dealers, as we would surely miss them if they were not there when we needed parts and service,” he said.

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