Chat with the Police Chief: Warrant Billboards

The Marshfield Police Department has over 300 warrants for crimes committed in the city of Marshfield. Altogether, the amount of money owed adds up to about $160,000, said Police Chief Rick Gramza.

The department recently floated the idea of putting faces on billboards as a way to get a few of the warrants taken care of.

“We try to be creative in how we make people hold themselves accountable or how we’re able to hold them accountable, and if that takes putting them up on a billboard, I think that would be worth it,” he said.

Possibilities include a rotating digital billboard, as long as it isn’t distracting to traffic, or an outdoor TV at the police department.

“We’re always open to new and more creative ideas so if anyone has ideas on how we can clear up our warrants, we’d be happy to hear them,” said Gramza.

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