Central Wisconsin Country Store Offers Local Bird Seed Options

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MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – The weather is warming up which means birds will be here in no time! An easy way to welcome birds back is to have food readily available for them.

We wanted to find out some of the ways people can help feed our feathery friends so we went to Jim Bauer at the Country Store in Marshfield.

Bauer said there are many ways to feed migrating birds but some of the best options can be found at the Country Store in Marshfield.

Jim’s Finch Mix contains thistle and dehulled sunflower pieces and is mixed right at the store. Jim’s Yummy Blend is a mix of black sunflower, dehulled sunflower pieces and roasted peanut culls. This blend is mixed by Prince Corporation in Marshfield specifically for the Central Wisconsin Country Store using Bauer’s recipe.

An easy way to feed birds is by putting suet in a holder and tying it to a branch. However, Bauer said it’s not always the best option for birds.

“Suet is high in fat and some of the birds do not cling to the feeder that you would feed suet in,” Bauer said. “So you are limiting the number and kinds of birds by the way you feed it.”

Bauer said if you do want to feed birds suet, be sure to pick out rendered suet because it will stay harder in hot weather. He said he prefers suet with nuts in it because it just adds yet another ingredient that birds like and is high in fat to help provide them energy.

The Country Store has many different bird feeder options including ones that provide access to all birds, smaller birds, hummingbirds and much more. There are feeders that also keep out squirrels but Bauer said there’s a much easier remedy for keeping squirrels out of bird food.

“Squirrels are the hardest creature to keep off of the feeder,” Bauer said. “Squirrels can jump close to five feet and they can use a pole to launch themselves almost like a pole vaulter. If you want to keep squirrels out, you can mix hot pepper sauce in the feed. It is a vitamin C source for the bird but hot for the squirrel.”

For more information on how best to feed birds and to check out some of Jim’s bird foods, head to the Central Wisconsin Country Store at 106 S. Peach Ave. in Marshfield.

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