Central Wisconsin Brothers Offer Hot Takes on National Sports Debates

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Cameron & Matt Wenzel

Medford Brothers Provide Perspective on National Sports Scene

OnFocus – Brothers Matt and Cameron Wenzel are making a splash in the local and national sports scene with their podcast and social media platforms “The Wenzel Perspective.” They post daily sports content and are approaching 1,000 followers on Instagram alone. (OnFocus is excited to welcome some of their content to the site!)

“We’ve been playing and watching sports since we were both four years old,” said Matt. “Both of our parents played and were involved with sports.”

They first had the idea to do a podcast in 2019, with the goal being to have another sports outlet.

“We wanted another way to be involved with sports in general,” said Matt. “We wanted to include our opinions and content, and share them, as well as debate with other sports fans.”

The duo first started recording podcasts in May of 2020, and creating the sports graphics in September.

“The COVID quarantine helped eased our way into production,” said Matt. “I suppose we really never had a set goal, we just figured things would go along with it. Otherwise we wouldn’t mind if this turned into a second career.”

Cameron and Matt enjoy interacting with other people and being able to debate about their favorite sports subjects – and beyond.

“We always welcome other debates and discussions about content unrelated to sports: movies, TV shows, video games, history facts, etc…” said Matt.

Matt graduated from North Central Technical College with an Associate’s Degree in video production and Cameron is currently in his third year at UW-Lacrosse, pursuing a degree in education with a minor in social studies.

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