Carol Kulibert Celebrates 25 Years at Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union

Carol Kulibert

Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union (MMCCU) Operations Manager Carol Kulibert celebrates 25 years at MMCCU on February 22, having begun her career at MMCCU in 1995. Prior to that, the Central Wisconsin native had worked in banking since 1978.

She loves working for the credit union because the focus is on helping members. As a closed charter, not-for-profit financial institution dedicated to exclusively serving the financial needs of employees in the medical community and their immediate families, MMCCU is uniquely designed to serve this particular demographic. Everyone from doctors to chiropractors to dentists can take advantage of what MMCCU has to offer, and Carol enjoys working with them all.

“I believe in the credit union and how important the members are to them,” said Kulibert. “I would not be here for 25 years if I did not believe in it. I enjoy the members and getting to know them.”

Along with getting to know the members, Kulibert has also enjoyed the past 25 years with her MMCCU coworkers.

“When you are at a job for over 40 hours a week, they become your second family,” she said. “When a staff member is hurting, you become part of their hurt. If I have a major crisis in my life, the staff is there for me. For example, I lost my husband nine years ago. The support I received from everyone was overwhelming. We are not just a credit union – we are family.”

“The credit union has been fortunate to have great employees to serve the membership. Carol Rae is no exception,” said Carol Adler, MMCCU President. “Her tenure with us has reached a milestone of 25 years! The credit union has grown from $11 million to almost $70 million during that time. Our evolution has been marked by much success and she has been a valued member of the team all along the way.”

Kulibert is thankful for the past 25 years at MMCCU, and for the opportunity to serve the members through her work.

“I was raised by a family that is hard working, which made me who I am today,” she said, adding that her 84 year-old parents still own and operate a business in Arpin. “I learned to appreciate everything in life. I had many hard challenges in my life and it makes me stronger.”

“The quote that helps me is, ‘They say you only live once, but the truth is you live every day, but only die once!’ Each day a person needs to appreciate what they have and take time to appreciate it,” she added.

In her free time, Carol enjoys spending time in the outdoors, visiting waterfalls, doing yard work, kayaking, biking, and hiking. She also enjoys watching hummingbirds and spending time with her two beautiful daughters, sons-in-laws, and grandsons.

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