Car Washes Important for Central Wisconsin Drivers

lava wash
Lava Wash

Local Weiler’s Lava Wash Prepared for Increase in Car Washes

OnFocus – Especially in Wisconsin, the winter months are tough on vehicles. Dirt, grime, road salt, and other contaminants can lead to paint damage and rust. Frequent washes are a low-cost way to protect a vehicle’s value and help maintain appearance.

As temperatures finally begin to climb again, local car washes are preparing for more traffic.

“It’s a great time to get a car wash,” said Kelly Weiler, owner of locally-owned Weiler Convenience Stores. “Salt can cause a lot of damage to vehicles if not washed away, and there has been a lot of salt on the roads lately.”

With Wisconsin roads accumulating an abundance of corrosive salt during the winter months, cleaning the underside of a car by going through a touch-less car wash is especially important. Rust on the bottom of a car can erode through brake lines, fuel lines, emergency brake cables and even more important components. Removing dirt and debris from the engine area can help keep the engine healthier long-term.

Washing a vehicle every one-two weeks is recommended by industry experts to help avoid damage, and improve a vehicle’s condition, safety, and value.

Two of the Weiler Convenience Store locations feature car washes with multiple cleaning options. Choose from either a touch-less car wash that uses high pressure water jets to ensure a thorough cleaning or a soft cloth car wash that uses microfiber brushes to provide a deep clean. The Lava Wash recently underwent an extensive remodel.

“Regular car washes can help prevent rust, scratches, dull paint, and other issues that take away from the look of your car,” said Kelly Weiler, owner. “We’ve also heard that people enjoy our washes because they are entertaining! There are lots of color and lights to enjoy as your vehicle is cleaned.”

Visit the Weiler Lava Wash locations at 600 and 2005 N Central Avenue.

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