Capture Memories With a Time Capsule

Old wooden coffer

Marshfield (OnFocus)- Time capsules are a fun and creative way to reflect on your thoughts and feelings during hard changes, and the City of Marshfield Parks & Recreation department suggests community members participate through creating personal COVID-19 time capsules.

“These are historic times with a multitude of changes and challenges that will likely have a lasting impact on the youth in our community,” the department said. “By creating a solid recollection of COVID-19’s impact, children can look back after years and see how this pandemic changed their life. Often, time capsules are buried or hidden for years if not decades.”



“This is a great opportunity to start a discussion with your family members about their experiences and goals made during this time,” they added. “Also, include a few keepsakes and photos if you’d like to enhance moments in memory.”

The time capsule is accessible here.


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