Butternut vs Washburn & Waukesha South vs Cudahy: Most Unique Mascot Challenge

These are the last two round one matchups. Tomorrow we will recap the first round and get rolling on round two.

2 Butternut Midgets

This mascot has come under some fire but the Midget is actually referring to Charlie Fischer who is a legend in Butternut who was a multiple-time world champion wrestler. He was given the nickname “Midget” because of his small stature.

15 Washburn Castle Guards

Washburn’s mascot could be knights, but with the unique nature of the original high school, and the fact that it looked like a castle caused opponents to start calling the Washburn fans Castle Guards and the name stuck. The high school building in question burned down in 1947

2 Waukesha South Blackshirts

The team was once known as the Cardinals. During the Great Depression, the school needed to purchase new football uniforms. Unfortunately, the cost of jerseys made with red dye was too expensive for the school’s budget. Therefore, they decided to go with less expensive black jerseys. At the time black was apparently a rare color for football uniforms, so the opposing teams and their fans made fun of the Waukesha athletes and called them the “Black Shirts.” Rather than be embarrassed, the school decided to show pride in the name and therefore re-named themselves the Blackshirts. They also decided to keep the cardinal as their mascot, renaming him “Blackie Blackshirt.”

15 Cudahy Packers

A similar story to a much more famous team to carry the Packers Mascot, the Cudahy Packers are named after the meatpacking industry that flourished in the area when Patrick Cudahy purchased 700 acres of land and started his company that is still based in the city that carries his name.

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Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek