Bus Driver Joins Blood Drive in Honor of Granddaughter

bus driver gives back
Chuck Hardinger after giving blood

Weiler’s Blood Drive Helps Community

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Chuck Hardinger has been driving bus for 20 years, but last Friday was the first time he parked his big yellow Kobussen bus in front of Versiti Blood Center and went inside to give blood at Weiler’s Convenience Store’s blood drive.

“My granddaughter had cancer and needed a lot of blood, and I know Trisha [Mayer, from Weiler’s] really well I just decided to go do it,” said Hardinger. “It was no biggie. The people are so good down there, really professional and just did a great job.”

Blood donations are desperately needed and events like this help keep hospitals stocked. In total, 25 people gave blood at the event, with each being given the option of a Weiler gift certificate or car wash. In addition, for each person that showed up to donate, Mayer pledged to buy an item for Soup Or Socks’ “Best Snow Day” fundraiser.

“We collected 25 units, with 3 people being ‘deferrals’ meaning their iron was too low or blood pressure too high, so in total I’ll be buying 28 items for Soup or Socks’ Best Snow Day fundraiser!” said Mayer. “I’m happy about the turnout and it was great to see Chuck show up in his bus to donate for the first time!”

The bus company, Kobussen, now plans to host a blood drive of their own.

“I think the company looking at having a blood drive is great,” said Hardinger, adding that he likes being a bus driver because it gives him the flexibility to participate in community events like the blood drive and he also gets to help local kids.

“I finished my noon route, pulled right in to the Blood Center with my bus, donated, then went onto my afternoon route,” he said. “I have a good route out in the country, all country kids that are just super nice. They get on the bus, say ‘hello, goodbye, thank you’.”

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