Brewers’ Lorenzo Cain and Family: Social Media Post Reveals Family Bonding Time

Wikimedia Commons Milwaukee Brewers

Think major leaguers don’t play to win even with their kids? They do.

A social media post on Saturday showed an example of how their families also value and appreciate family bonding time.

As originally shared by Manny Randawa with, the Brewers’ Lorenzo Cain loves to play ball with his kids in the yard.

During a recent game of backyard baseball with his three kids, the Cains were having fun. As captured by Cain’s wife, Jenny, Cain launched a ball over the backyard fence, and after Cain trotted around the makeshift bases, one of their sons began to cry.

 In the video posted on Instagram, Cain is heard commenting “Yeah, we can’t play anymore because I hit all those balls out there.”


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Following the home run, one of the boys heads into the house as Cain crossed home plate, and crying is heard.

“Is he crying?” asked Cain.

Yes, he was. Don’t worry, though, because Jenny posted later that more baseballs were found, and the family was able to keep on playing.

The video shows us how this major league family enjoys their time together, and we all can take comfort knowing examples like these are repeated in backyards everywhere.

Celebrate family time, everyone. As the Cain family shows, the bonding time is invaluable.

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David Keech
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