Boyfriend Holds Mini Prom for Girlfriend After Dance Postponed

Autumn Schneider and Seth Naedler held their own special mini-prom after the event was cancelled for spring. Submitted photo.

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) Prom is one of the last important events in high school for a senior, but the closures of schools due to COVID-19 has, at best, postponed any plans until later in the summer.

Seth Naedler, a Granton graduate and firefighter at Granton Fire Department, decided to throw his own mini prom for his girlfriend, Autumn Schneider, who is a senior at Marshfield High School.

“Autumn had been looking forward to it forever and she had her dress already and everything,” he said. “So I told her that I would make the day special for her.”

Seth asked for permission from the fire chief to pull out a few of the fire trucks and hold a small dance in the parking lot, while his family members helped Autumn get ready for the surprise. His sister, who is studying photography and video at the University of Oshkosh, took a photo of the couple with their bouquet of roses and traditional boutonnière — just like a real prom.

“Autumn had no idea what was going on besides that we were both all dressed up with nowhere to go, basically,” Seth said.

But the night’s surprise was yet to come and would move Autumn to tears.

“When she showed up she couldn’t believe what she was seeing and was blown away. Her family was there and I was waiting for her with music playing from my personal truck, and the fire trucks all lit up,” he said.

The couple danced a few songs on their improvised dance floor and then ended the night by going out to a supper club.

“I am so happy I was able to do that for her because I remember my senior prom and how awesome of a night it was,” Seth said. “It was a very special day and a lot of great memories were made.”


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