Boy Scout Installs Stairs at Braem Park Disc Golf Course

Disc golfers now have easier access to the course at Braem Park thanks to a Boy Scout project.

Kyle Schultz, a senior at Marshfield High School, chose to design and install steps at the end of the first hole to make it easier to climb down the hill.

“I wanted to create something that would have a permanent benefit to the community and designed my steps with that in mind,” he said. “The steps allow the hill to be more accessible to the people using the disk golf course, as well as to the people who use the park to enjoy nature without going far from home.”

Most of the required materials like rebar stakes, 6×6 timbers, and asphalt millings were received from the Parks and Recreation department with a few additional timbers from Woodstock Construction. No official building permit or permission was required, but Schultz presented his design to committees of his Boy Scout troop and district-wide Boy Scouts, beneficiaries of the Disk Golf Association and the Parks and Recreation department.


Volunteers install steps at Braem Park. Contributed photo.

Volunteers, those involved with Troop 382, and a few friends, cut the 6×6 timbers used for the frame and dug the trench that the steps would fit into. Steps were then filled with gravel and asphalt.

The expected eight hours to complete the project ended up being four instead. “In designing and planning my project, I realized the level of detail that has to be completed to organize a group event or project,” said Schultz. “I also came to understand the bureaucracy through the committee meetings that I had to present at prior to construction of the steps.”

Schultz oversees construction of steps at Braem Park. Contributed photo.

With the steps now complete, he only has to earn his cooking and communications badges to attain the Eagle rank. He will then meet with a committee to discuss the steps project, what was learned, and his life goals.

The popular 18-hole disc golf course at the park can be found at N. Cedar Avenue.

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