Book Featuring Marshfield’s Upham House on Cover Released

OnFocus – A book featuring Marshfield’s iconic Governor William Upham House (colloquially known as “Upham Mansion”) was released last month.

Earlier this year, OnFocus conducted an interview with the author, Lori Oestreich. Find the book on Amazon here.

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How do two wrongs make a right when star-crossed lovers meet?

Lily Vanderhoof’s poor Catholic family is barely scraping by, and her future holds a precarious relationship with a local farmer. Is that all life offers for her? Why can’t she be one of those fancy-dressed passengers connecting to all points beyond Hub City? Then she meets her ideal man at her best friend’s wedding. Although she’s already engaged, Benjamin is everything she’s ever hoped for. Falling in love with him will certainly scandalize the 1933 small town as well as challenge her religious values and her allegiance to family.

Will she rise above her station and find true romance through a bit of rebellion?
Benjamin Claussen’s affluent Presbyterian life is completely planned out. He’s next in line to run his father’s business and is engaged to a prominent woman. Unfortunately, his parents are the ones who have chosen it all. Feeling increasingly trapped by the gilded-cage arrangement he’s been dealt, he luckily meets Lily, the woman he can’t forget. He’s compelled to pursue her for his own happiness. However, resisting his parents’ decisions could change his position in the community, question his family loyalty, and alter his future forever.

Will he gamble in the biggest game of his life and bet on love instead of security?

Darling, All My Love is the first book in a historical romance series set in a Midwestern town. If you enjoy sweet reads then this spellbinding story of impossible love inspired by the author’s family history is for you. A well-researched novel in the Depression-era, its wide cast of characters and surprising plot twists will keep you turning pages until the end.

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