Body Cam Footage: Portage Police Rescue Juvenile From Thin Ice

Police Chief Warns About Thin Ice as Temperatures Rise

OnFocus – On March 4, the Portage Police Department rescued a juvenile in Portage that had fallen through the ice on the Wisconsin River.

Police Chief Keith Klafke shared body cam footage of the incident which shows Klafke tossing a ResQ Disc out to the individual, who is then pulled to safety.

Upon arrival, the 12-year-old was found approximately 20-30 yards out on the ice. After being brought ashore, the juvenile and friend were taken to a nearby hospital for precautionary measures.

The Portage Police Department was assisted by the Aspirus Divine Savior EMS, Portage Fire Department and Columbia County Dispatch.

Klafke said the department’s quick response was essential to keeping the juvenile safe.

“I am very proud of the officers’ actions which prevented a tragedy on Tuesday March 4, 2021 when a juvenile ventured onto the Wisconsin River ice and fell through,” Klafke said. “The quick response and use of available safety equipment which in this case was a ResQ Disc, lead to a positive outcome.”

“I wanted to show a portion of the body cam video to stress the dangers associated with unpredictable-never safe ice conditions on the river, the significance of this event, and the great work our officers do,” Klafke said.

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