Board of Public Works to Consider Changes at 8th Street and Palmetto Ave.

The Board of Public Works tonight (12/3) will consider changes to the traffic controls and parking at the corner of 8th Street and Palmetto Ave. near the Marshfield Middle School after concerns were raised by citizens in the area.

Currently 8th Street stops for Palmetto Ave. with basic parking restrictions at the intersection.

City Engineer Tom Turchi conducted a traffic study on the week of October 29th and found that an average of 1600 cars are using 8th Street each day, while an average of only 565 cars are using Palmetto at the same intersection.

Map provided by the City of Marshfield Engineering Department to Board of Public Works

Turchi is proposing moving the stop sign from 8th Street to Palmetto Ave after the school year is over in June. Also included is to ban parking for 50 feet on both Palmetto and 8th in both directions.

There have been discussions related to safety and other issues in this neighborhood since the city considered selling the 8th and Hemlock Park in October.

The Board of Public Works will consider the changes at their meeting tonight at 5:30 PM in the new City Hall 207 W 6th St.

Traffic Concerns Near Hemlock/8th Street Highlighted at Board of Public Works Meeting

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