Board of Public Works Recommends Speed Reduction on Spencer Street

Speed limit sign on Spencer Street in Marshfield, WI

OnFocus – The City of Marshfield Engineering office received a request to review the speed limit of Spencer Street between Popp Avenue and Lincoln Avenue, which is currently posted at 35MPH.

City Engineer Tom Turchi noted that in his review of the Administrative Code of Traffic and Parking Regulations, that Spencer Street is not designated for 35 MPH. He believes the sign was most likely placed during the reconstruction of Veterans Parkway as part of a DOT project completed in 2005.

“Typically, in the City of Marshfield those streets that follow the municipal border such as Lincoln Avenue or Galvin Avenue, for example, are posted at 35 MPH or greater,” he told the board. “In the same sense, our low volume residential streets are posted at 25 MPH.
Since this street is primarily residential and was not specifically designated for 35 MPH, I would recommend that changing the speed limit signs to 25 MPH would be appropriate.”

Turchi added that no speed studies were completed with this recommendation and a review of traffic crashes for the last 5 years on this portion of Spencer Street revealed no traffic crashes.

“It is a really good idea to lower that down, thank you,” said Alderman Ken Bargender.

Turchi recommended the speed be posted at 25 MPH. A motion was made by Alderman Mike Feirer, seconded by Alderman Quentin Rosandich. The motion passed unanimously.

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