Blue Hearts for Heroes Provides Help for Law Enforcement Families

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – A special organization is helping law enforcement families that have children with special needs.

Blue Hearts for Heroes was founded by active local and federal law enforcement officers and volunteers who saw a need to assist law enforcement families in a way no other charities were.

The idea behind the charity is to alleviate the financial and mental toll it takes on the parents and siblings of those with special needs. It in turn allows police officers with special needs children to better focus on their jobs when they’re away from home.

The mission of Blue Hearts for Heroes is to provide information, support, and financial assistance to law enforcement families with children who have special needs.

A release from Blue Hearts for Heroes said helping the families of our law enforcement ultimately helps police officers as well.

“So many law enforcement officers exhibit the dedication to the community that they do because they are driven to create a better world for their own families and others,” the organization said. “By ensuring that their families are taken care of, we make better police officers and create a better rock for the future in the children who have been provided for.”

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