Blizzard Returns Soon

Arctic Fox, Blizzard Returns Soon After Surgery

OnFocus: The City of Marshfield Parks and Recreation Department would like to provide an update on our Arctic Fox, Blizzard. During a recent scheduled veterinarian exam, Athens Veterinarian Dr. Taylor noticed a cavity developing on his upper left canine that may have been causing Blizzard discomfort. To follow-up, on June 14th, he was transported to their veterinarian clinic for further dental radiographs to determine if removal of the tooth was necessary. It was decided that the tooth would need to be removed for Blizzard’s health and comfort. The surgical procedure was performed the same day and, due to the very talented team of veterinarians, everything went very well and he returned home later that day. For the next couple weeks, Blizzard will be off exhibit and separated from Shadow, his exhibit mate, to allow him to recuperate where staff can keep an eye on his recovery. We expect he will enjoy his time spent in the cooler indoors and snacking on some of his favorite soft foods during the two-week period. Blizzard and the zoo staff appreciate your concerns and understanding while he heals!
We thank our patrons for their past and future support of Wildwood Zoo.

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