Black Lives Matter Event to take Place at Columbia Park in Marshfield

Marshfield (OnFocus) – A group of young men and women are organizing a Black Lives Matter event at Columbia Park in Marshfield on July 31st from 6pm-10:30pm.

Aria Rens, one of the event’s organizers, said, “The purpose of this event is to bring awareness to the racial injustice and economic inequality present in Central Wisconsin, and to begin more constructive conversations on what it means to be an ally to these communities.”

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The event will feature informational booths, an art sale, a violinist playing in Elijah McClain’s honor, and voter registration. One hundred percent of proceeds will be going to the Equal Justice Initiative and the NAACP. Donations by attendees are also encouraged.

Kayley McColley, Chloe Jones, and Jay Stahl will also be keynote speakers. They are all from Central Wisconsin and their speeches will cover a wide range of topics. Rens notes they will be speaking about, “…topics including their work in local police reform as well as their personal experiences growing up as a person of color in this area.”

Rens, a rising sophomore at McGill University, said, “Those who remain complacent in the face of great injustice are themselves contributing to it. We are putting together this event to demonstrate our solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and to educate the general public on how they can contribute to police reform efforts.”

People of all races are encouraged to attend to learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement. The event will enforce precautions to protect participants against Covid-19.

Rens said, “Masks are an absolute requirement for those planning to attend. We will provide masks for anyone who is incapable of bringing heir own. There will also be hand sanitizer at every booth. Please social distance to protect yourself and others.”

To stay updated on the event, click the link and follow their Facebook page HERE.

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Jessica Purgett
Author: Jessica Purgett

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