Black Friday Deals for Digital Planners

digital planner black friday deals

Digital Planner Black Friday Deals 2022

The biggest shopping week of the year is almost here! If you’re looking for Black Friday deals on digital planners and technology, this is a great time to shop. A digital planner is essentially a paper planner that exists in the digital world. It is a file that can be used in applications like OneNote, GoodNotes, ReMarkable, Noteshelf, Noteability, Samsung Notes, and more. A list of our favorite digital planners can be found here.

Black Friday is a great time to get started with digital planning because many planners and technology used to digital plan go on sale. Here are some of our recommended Black Friday deals for digital planners in 2022:

Key2Success Digital Planner

This planner is our absolute favorite for a number of reasons. It’s professional, has amazing tech support, and the training that goes with it is top-notch. Most of all, we love that it’s part of a proven system. This makes it easy to get started and stick with it. Each year, the K2S team makes updates to their system, introducing new tools and adding convenient features based on user feedback. Every Black Friday they offer the lowest price for their newest introduced planner year. So for this year, we’re expecting a great deal on 2024. The early bird gets the worm, so get 2023 AND 2024 while you’re at it. Be sure to also check out their new Decision Journal, Bible Journal, and Recipe Book.

Black Friday Tech Devices for Digital Planning

Black Friday is a great time of year to snag amazing deals on the tools needed to dive into digital planning. It’s a little early yet for specific deals, but here are the sites to watch to get deals on the devices you need to start digital planning.

There are basically two types of planners: PDF annotation apps and OneNote. A good guide to get started can be found here.

  • Recently, Amazon introduced the new Kindle Scribe and we’re expecting more deals on this device as the time gets closer.
  • Probably the most popular digital planning device is the iPad or Samsung tablet. Both have deals running for Black Friday:
  • Onyx Boox has emerged as a popular option for digital planning, making strides to replace the ReMarkable for some users. Early reports indicate “massive” deals on the device, with some rumors of up to 50% off.

Recommended Accessories for Digital Planning

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we usually find the best deals on accessories for digital planning. We haven’t seen specific deals on these items just yet, but keep an eye on them as the time approaches! These are for iPad specifically:

  • Apple Pencil – Black Friday is a good time to snag deals on Apple Pencils. This makes painting, sketching, doodling, and note-taking more enjoyable than ever.
  • Paper-Like Screen Cover – Writing on glass with a plastic pencil is just not as satisfying as writing with pencil on paper. Fortunately, there are paper-like screen covers you can add to some devices to make the writing process more realistic.
  • Keyboard – Sometimes you just want to be able to type your notes in your digital planner. A keyboard and mouse attachment can help. Amazon has some of these devices listed on sale already. Just search for your device + keyboard and see what pops up.

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