Bike Helmets Needed for Stratford School District Physical Education Program

The Sports Den Facilitating Helmet Donations

With the purchase of fifteen bikes for its physical education program, the Stratford School District is in need of bike helmets for students who don’t own one.

“The district has decided that all riders need to have a helmet to participate in this course, and rightfully so,” Breanna VanDehey, Manager of The Sports Den. “The instructors of the class weren’t anticipating this need, assuming most kids already had helmets. Well, they have discovered that only a handful of the students in the class actually own helmets of their own, and the school program does not have the budget to purchase helmets for the class.”

The Sports Den is accepting helmet donations and will award a $10 coupon that can be used for future purchases, such as getting a new helmet. Adult-sized helmets are preferred for the high school level program.

Before donating an old helmet, there are a few things to keep in mind. “The helmets don’t have to be fancy, but they need to be functional. Helmets are only good for one impact, so if you have been in a crash with your helmet, please don’t donate it,” said VanDehey. “Also, helmets have an expiration date, which many people are not aware of! Most helmet manufacturers certify helmets for five years, so if you have a helmet from fifteen years ago, we probably won’t donate to the class.”

The goal is to acquire at least fifteen helmets for each bike and to accommodate varying head sizes. Helmets can be new, too. “If you would like to purchase a new helmet for the class, let us know. We have worked out a discounted rate with Specialized for their Align helmet,” VanDehey said. “This helmet is a one-size-fits-most adult helmet that retails for $40, but you can purchase it for the program for $30. We would like any donated helmets to be brought into the store no later than May 26th.”

The Sports Den is located at 1202 S Central Ave.

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