Bernie Sanders Meme Sweeps Across Nation, Makes Appearances in Marshfield

OnFocus – During last Tuesday’s Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden, one of the most notable things that happened at the event for many Americans didn’t have to do with the changing of power at all.

An image of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, captured by Brenden Smialowski of Rolling Stone, relaxing in his winter attire while attending the inauguration has exploded on the internet.

The viral moment began with a few social media accounts cutting out the image of Sanders and placing him in different photos. Now, it has turned into a movement that much of America has seen.

Famous actors and actresses have posted re-created photos or movie clips with Sanders spectating in the background. From Ghost to Dirty Dancing to Star Wars, Bernie has made an appearance on many well-known movie sets and scenes.

Over the weekend, some Marshfield-area businesses and citizens joined in on the viral movement.

Sanders embraced the trend as his campaign store has come out with a new line of t-shirts and sweatshirts with the meme on the front of the apparel.

Our own Branden Bodendorfer got in on the fun as well, posting a picture of Sanders enjoying a crisp Wisconsin morning.

Bernie Sanders memes have swept across the country. This photo taken by Branden Bodendorfer brings the meme to Marshfield.

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