Bear Live Trapped in Marshfield

Marshfield Police Live Trap Bear. Photo Credit: Ben Lee

Bear Trapped In City Limits

Backyard of Lee resident. Photo: Ben Lee

Early this morning (Saturday), Marshfield Police Department removed a bear from a residential neighborhood in Marshfield that was caught in a live trap overnight. The neighborhood was south of Walmart and East of Festival Foods. Ben Lee, a resident in the neighborhood said, “We saw him in the backyard Wednesday night. We called police to let them know he was sleeping in the storm sewer culvert.”

After calling the Marshfield Police, officers set up a live trap on Friday, filled with bait. Lee said, “He was just wandering back and forth at night. I watched him crawl backward into culvert with his face peeking out.”

This morning the neighbors called the Marshfield Police Department to have them get the bear, which was in the trap.


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