Auburndale School Project a Labor of Love for Quality Roofing

auburndale high school roof
Auburndale School Roof

AUBURNDALE, WI (OnFocus) – Quality Roofing is in the process of installing a Fully Adhered EPDM roof to the newest expansion in Auburndale School District.

“We are replacing an old ballasted roof system with a new fully adhered roof. We are also working with Comfort Systems to get new roof top equipment installed,” said Lucas Kramer, Project Coordinator/Estimator.

The work, completed by 8-12 employees, is expected to be completed in November.

“This is a very common roof replacement in our industry, but it is unique for some of our employees on the job because some of them live in Auburndale and attended school there in the past,” said Kramer.

He added that Auburndale School District has been a great customer of QRI for many years.

“We are happy to be able to help them out with all of the upgrades and updates they are doing this year,” he said. “They are a great local customer that our employees genuinely enjoy working with.”

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