Auburndale School District Threat Not Credible

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Auburndale, WI (OnFocus) An Instagram post surfacing Thursday night which contained a potential threat to the Auburndale School District was determined to not be credible.

The post may have included a partial picture of a bomb threat written on a bathroom stall at the middle/high school, according to a district message to parents.

The school district along with Wood County Sheriff’s Department investigated the threat and concluded it was not credible, partly due to its nature and to the fact that the date referenced in the threat is already two weeks past.

Students involved in passing along the note are being interviewed as part of the investigation, according to Sheriff Shawn Becker.

“We’re going to look at some accountability here for whoever is responsible for the note and passing it along,” said Becker. “The biggest thing is that once a student noticed that, they should have contacted an administrator or staff instead of passing it along to other students, and that’s something we’re looking into as well.”

As a precaution, the school will have an increased law enforcement presence on Friday.

The message to parents from District Administrator James Delikowski stated:

You may be aware that an Instagram post last night referenced a possible threat to our school safety and may have included a partial picture of a “bomb” threat written in a Middle/High School bathroom stall. School and Wood County personnel have been working to investigate and assess this potential threat since it was first brought to our attention. After careful assessment the threat was considered to be benign in part due to its nature and a clear date now nearly two weeks past. Nevertheless, I have asked Wood County Sheriff’s Department to provide an increased presence in our schools today and in the future. We will continue to exercise all diligence to keep our students and staff safe.

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