Auburndale Asks for Community Help in Picking New Mascot

The Auburndale School District is asking for community help in picking their new mascot.

“Our district has been around in some way, shape, or form since 1873 when the first schoolhouse was built in Auburndale,” said Superintendent James Delikowski in the district newsletter. “Since that time our students have been known as hard-working, successful, intelligent, and caring and also carried the logo of the Aubies for over half a century and the Apaches for fifty years more.”

“In 1998 Auburndale became more aware that the Apache Nation preferred us not to use a mascot affiliated with their community. As always, the Auburndale community did the right thing and agreed to avoid using the old mascot and worked to avoid the proliferation of the label that belonged to the community of the five nations making up the Apache people.”

“We are now working hard to give our students a new logo and mascot to rally our school pride around. Although there are many personal opinions about the whys and whats, our community once again has made it clear, ‘Whatever the reasons, let’s do this, move forward, and give our students a mascot!’”

Members of the community have until December 4 to email their suggestions to [email protected] A committee will be established with community members, coaches, teachers, and students to take the list of suggestions and bring five to the students and community members who will vote for their favorite.

The new mascot will be unveiled in January.

Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek