Assumption Girls, Phillips Boys Take Marawood CC Titles; Marathon’s Smith Takes First

Phillips (OnFocus) – The Phillips boys and Assumption girls took first at the Marawood Cross Country Meet on Saturday.

Jacob Smith of Marathon took first in the boys’ race, winning the race by three seconds over Connor Gabay of Phillips.

Winning the girls’ race was Autumn Michalski of Chequamegon. Taking second was teammate Claudia Laslowski.

Assumption’s winning score of 56 points bested Marathon(59) and Stratford(63).

Ainara Sainz de Rozas led Assumption with a third place overall finish.

Boys Results

Phillips won the boys’ race with 58 points, two points ahead of Athens.

1 Phillips 58
2 Athens 60
3 Auburndale 85
4 Marathon 85
5 Chequamegon 101
6 Stratford 123
7 Rib Lake 162
8 Edgar 251

Place Name Team Time
1 Jacob Smith MHS 18:11.4
2 Connor Gabay Phillips 18:14.5
3 Andrew Schaer Athens 18:34.8
4 Charles Jewell Auburndale 18:40.6
5 Nathan Wolf Athens 18:43.5
6 Brooks Kraus Athens 18:45.5
7 Jaron Gage MHS 18:46.4
8 Alex Nieto Phillips 18:48.6
9 Mason White Eagle Auburndale 18:54.3
10 Maverick Hoogland Phillips 19:01.4
11 Ethan Heeg Stratford 19:03.7
12 Lance Krieg Stratford 19:04.5
13 Cade Zierer Phillips 19:08.1
14 Aiden Miesbauer Chequamegon 19:09.6
15 Connor Sheahan Athens 19:13.0
16 Blake Lobner Assumption 19:14.6
17 Cree DeFoe Stratford 19:16.5
18 Derek Vesely MHS 19:18.0
19 Ian Grosskopf Auburndale 19:21.2
20 Adam Granberg Prentice/Rib Lake 19:28.3


1 Assumption 56
2 Marathon 59
3 Stratford 63
4 Phillips 98
5 Chequamegon 101
6 Edgar 154

Place Name Team Time
1 Autumn Michalski Chequamegon 19:55.5
2 Claudia Lasiowski Chequamegon 20:41.2
3 Ainara Sainz De Ro Assumption 20:48.1
4 Allie Adomaitis Phillips 21:01.3
5 Jordyn Karl Auburndale 21:30.7
6 Julianna Thurs MHS 21:48.3
7 Grace Dolan Assumption 21:51.1
8 Mckenna Zieher Auburndale 21:52.2
9 Meredith Merlak Phillips 21:55.0
10 Kayla Casperson Stratford 22:14.5
11 Autumn Richardson Auburndale 22:24.3
12 Breleigh Skaya Stratford 22:28.0
13 Ella Heidmann Stratford 22:33.5
14 Jada Prihoda MHS 22:38.8
15 Laci Hoeksema MHS 22:39.0
16 Brianna Sheahan Athens 22:51.4
17 Maddie Meinel Assumption 23:03.6
18 Clara Kubis Assumption 23:04.2
19 Shilo Blake MHS 23:05.1
20 McKinnley Marks MHS 23:20.2
21 Sarah Zuelke Stratford 23:29.7
22 Gretchen Brewster Edgar 23:34.9
23 Lydia Golbach Stratford 23:36.5
24 Amber Schoenick Assumption 23:44.3
25 Brooklyn Schoenick Assumption 23:49.0
26 Samantha Mielke Stratford 23:56.6

Check out the full Marawood CC Meet results HERE


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David Keech
Author: David Keech

David Keech is a math teacher in Wisconsin Rapids and public address announcer for Abbotsord High School. He officiates basketball, baseball, and softball in central Wisconsin. He has reported on amateur sports since 2011, known as 'KeechDaVoice.' David can be reached at [email protected]