Ashland vs Sturgeon Bay and Platteville vs Oostburg: Most Unique Mascot Challenge

3 Ashland Oredockers

Ashland and most of Northern Wisconsin has a deep history in mining, at one time Ashland had seven Oredocks that loaded iron ore onto ships that would take it across the great lakes. Ashland’s mascot takes the name of this part of their history.

11 Sturgeon Bay Clippers

Sturgeon Bay is a city with a rich maritime tradition, and a mascot to match. One of the few inanimate objects in this competition a Clipper was a tall ship common in the 1840s.

3 Platteville Hillmen

You would think that a city like Platteville would have a mascot that matches the hills of its surroundings, but it all started with an obscure reference in a 1939 yearbook to Coach Hill’s Grid Men, and the following season, they referred to themselves as Hill’s Grid Men and eventually Hill’s Men. In 1945, the student body, school administration, and school board adopted the name “Hillmen” as the official nickname of Platteville High School. The actual drawing of the mascot, named Henry Hillmen, appeared somewhere around 1950, drawn by student Donna Myers.

6 Oostburg Flying Dutchmen

If you are starting to notice a pattern here so are we, the City of Oostburg was primarily settled by the Dutch, and the town is named after the Dutch city of Oostburg. So it makes sense to have the Flying Dutchmen as your mascot.

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