Art’s Body Shop Reverses Vehicle Damage after Accident

Rentable Moving Trucks Simplify Hauling Process

Whether your car was rear-ended at a stop sign or bumped into in the parking lot, Art’s Body Shop can make it look like the accident never occurred.

“We can fix anything from a door ding to a deer hit to a major collision,” said Paul Tremelling, owner.

The body shop offers frame and unibody straightening, plus color matching with a state-of-the-art water-based paint system which ensures that the vehicle’s new paint blends in perfectly. Paints are precisely mixed and sprayed in one of the business’s paint booths, then baked at 160 degrees.

Additionally, rust-proofing the underside and inner panels of the vehicle is something new vehicle owners should seriously consider to offset deterioration and prevent future expense down the road.

“That’s something you need to do with a new car when you buy them now, because the stuff that’s put on the road, it eats the concrete up. So you can imagine what it does to the car,” said Tremelling. “You have to put something on to protect it, because it doesn’t come from the factory that way.”

Rust damage

Art’s Body Shop sees many trucks that have rusted over the rear wheel wells and can prevent this type of damage by coating it with rust-proof spray. The coating will protect seams and joints where water gets in and rusts, and only needs to be applied once.

One of their recent jobs was to rebuild a door that had rusted on the bottom. “If you rust proof them when they’re new, you eliminate a lot of this expense now,” said Tremelling.

Besides repairs, Art’s Body Shop leases Penske moving trucks that can be rented for the day or for one-way trips around the state and nation. These are convenient for hauling equipment locally to moving across country.

The business is a participant in Youth Apprenticeship, a partnership with the high school that allows students to develop valuable workforce skills. One of Art’s Body Shop’s current employees participated in the program for two years before joining the team full-time. Co-owner Chris Hanson also began with Youth Apprenticeship ten years ago.

“We’ve had a lot of guys go through it,” said Tremelling. “It’s a good learning procedure for young kids want to do mechanical type work. You learn how to sweep the floor and move up.”

Paint booth

Tremelling is in his 38th year in the field and has owned the business for over twenty. Originally, Art Schmidt started Art’s Body Shop in 1952 before passing it on to Bud and Donny, who both retired in the late ‘90s. Hanson and Preston Rucinski became owners in 2017 after years of working for the business.

Just as the owners have evolved over the decades, Art’s Body Shop strives to keep up with changes in the industry and in technology. With less body shops than there used be, everybody keeps busy making cars look better than they did before.

“As long as the car isn’t totaled, we can fix it,” Tremelling said.

Stop by Art’s Body Shop at 1702 S. Central Ave in Marshfield 8-5 p.m. Monday – Friday for a quote, or call 715-384-2303.


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