Art on the Loop Highlights Local Artists

Rebecca Belt displays her painting of buffalo at the Wildwood Zoo.

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – On Saturday, August 28, central Wisconsin artists were located on the large animal drive at Wildwood Zoo for Plein Air Art on the Loop, Year 2.

Nancy Stauner, Nekoosa created this landscape as they watched the elk.

The breezy and cloudy day made for a unique landscape for the painters as they recreated the scenery of the Wildwood Zoo on canvases.

The acrylic paintings have been auctioned off in the past but most of the paintings have been displayed in the painter’s homes.

Organizer and painter Laura Johnson said the crew plans to come back for a third consecutive year next year.

Laura Berdan Johnson, Cow elk under a wispy Sky.

“Our artists all asked to do Plein Air again in August 2022,” Johnson said. “It’s great to paint with friends! The uniqueness of the Loop drive and top notch zoo make it a perfect place to paint, draw, hangout, etc.”

Artists included: Rebecca Belt on the South East side of the Buffalo enclosure, Dana Speth, next. Johnson working at the whitetail enclosure, Nancy Stauner capturing images at the Elk area.

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