Apothecary Shop Serves as Hub for Local Artisans

apothecary boutique in Pittsville

PITTSVILLE, WI (OnFocus) – Starting a business during a pandemic is not something Andrea Galván was planning to do, but as the owner of Apothecary in Pittsville and with the support of the local community, she and her family have had a solid first year.

“I originally was looking for a location in Wisconsin Rapids, as that is home for me, but I just wasn’t finding the right space for the store,” she said. “Around the same time, I was offered a job in the school district in Pittsville. I asked around to see if there might be a space available in Pittsville and found exactly what I was looking for. I think I signed the lease the next day after I saw the building. It’s worked out well so far!”

A one-of-kind shop in the area, Apothecary is located at 5335 2nd Avenue in downtown Pittsville.

“I’m proud to say that just about everything I carry in the store is made locally,” said Galván. “So when you make a purchase here, you are supporting lots of other local artisans and businesses. We have something here for everyone.”

Galván loves being part of the Pittsville community and it passionate about the products she sells.

“I love all the people I meet that come into the store and being part of the Pittsville community and I love procuring products for the store,” she said. “Everything in the store is a product that I love and would 100% use in my home or buy as a gift for someone. All of the vendors I work with are great, and make amazing products, and I’m happy to bring all of them together in one unique store for you.”

Visit them in Pittsville or online here. Hours vary each week per staff availability, but will be posted on Facebook.

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