All-WVC Softball Team Includes POY Donahue of Marshfield

2022 Wisconsin Valley All-Conference Softball Team

Position Player Year School

Infield * Zoe Fink 12 Stevens Point
Infield * Megan Clary 12 Wis. Rapids Lincoln
Infield *Hayley Wagner 12 Wis. Rapids Lincoln
Infield Loryn Jakobi 12 Marshfield
Outfield * Meghan Jochimsen 12 Wis. Rapids Lincoln
Outfield * Kaitlyn Klismith 9 Stevens Point
Outfield Autumn Hughes 10 Wausau West
Catcher Maddy Miklesh 12 Stevens Point
Pitcher * Courtney Donahue 12 Marshfield
Pitcher * Rhiannon Carroll 11 Wis. Rapids Lincoln
Utility Player * Baley Berndt 9 Wausau East
*=denotes unanimous selection.
Player of the Year: Courtney Donahue, Marshfield
Coach of the Year: Becky Linzmeier, Marshfield

Position Player Year School
Infield Claire Coushman 10 Wausau East
Infield Dakota Witucki 10 D.C. Everest
Infield Sawyer Holberg 11 Wis. Rapids Lincoln
Infield Ashlynn O’Neal 12 Stevens Point
Outfield Brooklyn Bohman 12 Marshfield
Outfield Laney Zuelsdorff 12 Merrill
Outfield Kyla O’Neal 12 Stevens Point
Catcher Madalen Bornbach 12 Marshfield
Pitcher Addy Schmeltzer 11 Merrill
Pitcher Addison Kluck 9 D.C. Everest
Utility Player Paige Kislow 12 D.C. Everest

Position Player Year School
Infield Nicole Doering 12 Merrill
Infield Emma Raikowski 12 Stevens Point
Infield Claire Calmes 9 Wausau West
Infield Sandra Costa 12 Marshfield
Infield Riley Zuleger 12 D.C. Everest
Outfield Brooke Swiecki 12 Stevens Point
Outfield Sydney Spear 9 D.C. Everest
Outfield Emily Friday 11 Wis. Rapids Lincoln
Outfield Shylah Brogan 10 Marshfield
Outfield Savannah Spees 11 Wausau East
Outfield Dani Korman 12 Merrill
Catcher Kendall Ziegahn 11 Wis. Rapids Lincoln
Catcher Sophia Peissig 12 Wausau West
Pitcher Maren Sauvageau 10 Stevens Point
Pitcher Maddy Krueger 12 Wausau East
Pitcher Allison Kirsch 10 Wausau West
Pitcher Delilah Abundiz 10 Stevens Point
Utility Player Olivia Losee 12 Merrill


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David Keech
Author: David Keech

David Keech is a math teacher in Wisconsin Rapids and public address announcer for Abbotsord High School. He officiates basketball, baseball, and softball in central Wisconsin. He has reported on amateur sports since 2011, known as 'KeechDaVoice.' David can be reached at [email protected]