All Marawood Conference Volleyball Teams Announced

The Marawood Conference announced the All-Conference Volleyball Teams for the 2019 season at their crossover event on Tuesday night.

Abbotsford led all teams with 7 selections, Stratford and Newman Catholic led the Marawood South with 6 selections each.

Unanimous selections for the First Team North Division were Jayda Friedenfels from Abbotsford, Olivia Burcow and Kaelyn Isaacson from Prentice, Rachel Callow from Phillips. Joining them on the first team were Olivia Hammel and Jayden Falteisek from Abbotsford, and KcKenna Isaacson from Prentice.

Unanimous selections for the First Team South Division were Georgi Schmutzer from Auburndale, Elizabeth Boehm from Marathon, Lauren Shields and Linnea Svennes from Newman Catholic, Mikayla Guidan and McKenna Krall from Stratford. Joining them on the first team was Kamryn Schuller from Stratford.

The Second Team North Division was Ava Decker and Courtney Bittner from Abbotsford, Courtney Murkowski from Athens, Jada Eggebrecht and Jessica Roush from Phillips, and Olivia Dettmering and Amelia Dettmering from Prentice.

The Second Team South Division was Natalie Aue and Katie Helminiak from Auburndale, Bailey Imhoff from Edgar, Kyli Blume from Marathon, Evelyn Gabriel and Angelo Rougeot-Donath from Newman Catholic, and Lauryn NAgel from Stratford.

Honorable Mention for the North Division included Alyssa Beran and Haylee Soyk from Abbotsford, Kiera Weiler and Shauna Belter from Athens, Josi Orr and Shea Mineau from Chequamegon, Brianna Guzinski and Kendall Weik from Phillips, Mallory Burcaw and Cynthia Murphy from Prentice, and Maesyl Vlach and Savana Radtke from Rib Lake.

Honorable Mention for the South Division included Maddy Bohn and Kendal Schill from Assumption, Maggie Willfahrt and Brianna Haasl from Auburndale, Gabbi Keim and Reagan Borchardt from Edgar, Bradyn Free and Hope Krautkramer from Marathon, Stevie Samuels and Elise Johnson from Newman Catholic, and Tanaya Schillinger and Abby Oertel from Stratford.

Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek